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Magnum / Toto / Damacai / Singapore / Sabah /Sarawak / Perdana Lotto Payout
1st Prize 3,400 4,800 8,000 840 280 18,000 120,000 60 840
2nd Prize 1,200 2,400 280 6,000 3600 60 840
3rd Prize 600 1,200 280 3,600 360 60 840
4nd Prize 600 36 6 84
5rd Prize 24 5 6 84
6rd Prize 6
Starter Prizes 250 20 280
Consolation 80 2.60 36
Grand Lotto Payout
1st Prize 2,625 3,675 6,300 0 0 63 693
2nd Prize 1,050 2,100 6,300 0 0 63 693
3rd Prize 525 1,050 6,300 0 0 63 693
4nd Prize 0 0 6.3 69.3
5rd Prize 0 0 6.3 69.3
Special ABC 210 0 0 21 220.5
Consolation AE 63 630 26 0
  • PMP
  • TOTO
  • GDLotto
  • Perdana
  • LuckyHari-Hari


Playing lottery Malaysia is selected by the majority of people to try luck and hit the big prize to change a life. In reality, no one doesn’t know what lottery is because it is considered as a legal gambling in Malaysia and a high revenue business each year. If in the previous days, you have to go to a certain direct dealer to buy a lottery ticket with your wanted number and wait to know the result through lottery result checking paper.

Nowadays, the advent of online lottery game has considerably changed the way people play lottery game according to more convenient and faster. UW88SG is a reputable online gambling site where you are capable of finding any lottery services and experience without being time-consuming. So what benefits you can get as playing the lottery at this online site. Now let’s find out below.

It is possible for you to book a lottery ticket whenever and wherever

Absolutely different from the past. Now you can control your lottery ticket purchase within some clicks. Thanks to the advancement of Internet, everything become simpler and faster more than ever. All you need to do is that equipping a computer or any mobile devices with an Internet connection, then you just visit UW88SG to begin the process of booking ticket.

Anytime and anywhere you can make your lottery ticket without facing any complications. Just after some single steps, you are going to own a ticket like you want and pay for it simply. If you are a busy people, selecting to book online lottery ticket is really optimal and make your lottery experience become convenient as much as possible.

At UW88SG, we always understand and improve the best ticket booking service with the standards including ease, simplicity, and quickness that anyone can also try. Besides, our online staff always bring the best support for players anytime you need. So there’s no reason not to try once playing online lottery service here.

UW88SG is a representative of all lottery agencies in Malaysia, China, and Singapore

At UW88SG, we provide all types of the lottery because we are the official representative of all lottery agencies of China, Singapore, Malaysia. UW88SG always meet various demand and many different experiences to satisfy their lottery passion.  Coming to UW88SG players will have more chances to win the lottery and change your life.  

You are easy to buy a lottery ticket from any agency you like just by some clicks on the UW88SG site. You will not have to the security and supported 24/24. Just Register an account on UW88SG, and all your booking ticket purchases will be easy and quick to complete.

UW88SG update lottery result immediately

If you feel tired due to waiting to know whether today you win the prize or not, right now you do not worry about that anymore because UW88SG will provide you with the latest lottery result in the fastest time. To check lottery result at UW88SG, you just need to

  1. Visit its website
  2. Then select type of lottery: Toto 4d, Magnum 4d, Singapore , Sabah & Sarawak,... lottery ticket.
  3. Choosing draw date you would like to know
  4. And check within some seconds to have outcome immediately.

Besides that, at UW88SG, you can look back the past lottery result as a reference and good tips to select a certain lucky number for the next draw. It is always available for you any time to check past result and use it to predict for lucky numbers. The winning probability of using this way to get a lucky number is very optimistic.

Now you just need to equip a computer, smartphone or other mobile devices with an Internet connection and start receiving the latest lottery result as soon as opening draws within some seconds.

Available tips to win the lottery each day

UW88SG will be a good place for you to collect the most useful information and tips that lead you to become a lottery winner in the shortest times. So there’s no reason to miss this advantage to raise your lottery skills and soon to hit the biggest prizes.

The following is some tips for a lottery that will help you become the owner of many incredible prizes:

Keep patient: this is the lead element for any players, you need time and capital to maintain the target of lottery winning. Do not be depressed as you have to face with too many difficulties and failure, you should remember that failure is the mother of success.
Prepare good bankroll: if you play lottery frequently, you had better have your separable capital to serve for the purpose of winning the lottery. In addition, secrets to maintaining are essential you need to find out.
Check past result: this is a good idea to forecast lucky numbers and increase the winning possibility.

Other games on UW88SG

In addition to offering a full range of lottery services, singapore online casino, singapore online slot games we offer a variety of other relax games online options that you can take advantage of while waiting for lottery results or increase your chances of winning cash prizes for yourself such as, Malaysia online casino, online betting Malaysia, online football betting Malaysia, Poker online, Slot game, ...
UW88SG with many advantages will really make gambler satisfied and reliable in lottery service. Become an official UW88SG's member to play and receive amazing bonus and gift. Good luck!